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Licensed Clinical Psychologist

My passion centers on the ways in which early relationships, life experiences and cultural contexts shape our worldviews and impact our choices, coping and performance. I also focus on the interplay between the mind and the physical body, and the ways we can use this connection to increase well-being and overall functioning. Over the past 15 years I have worked in various academic medical institutions and hospitals (UCLA, CHLA), using research-based interventions to guide individuals (children, youth and adults), couples and families in working towards agency and personal growth, positive change, insight, and adaptation to life events.

Style & Approach

I view therapy as a collaborative and creative process. We work together to construct a road map and specialized treatment goals that build upon each client’s natural tendencies for growth and fulfillment. Therapy becomes a safe place to explore, experience and develop new lenses with which to interact with the world. We also focus on developing skills necessary to face and overcome obstacles and challenges. With children, I take a developmental, strengths-based and child-centered approach. I connect with the child on their level and empower the child to express themselves and their needs. I work with the family to identify the context in which concerning behaviors occur, to foster interactions that bolster the child’s coping, and to 

strengthen the care-taking unit. I approach assessments as a collaborative process that helps individuals and families learn about their strengths and needs, and integrate their experience of themselves into specific, actionable recommendations. I believe that a therapeutic feedback process as well as advocacy and outreach (e.g., participating in Individualized Education Programs (IEP's), working with medical teams) are vital to the assessment experience.  

Areas of Expertise

I specialize in providing evidence-based therapeutic modalities to individuals, couples, dyads and families who seek support around mood-related issues (anxiety, depression), trauma, relational challenges, emotional regulation and adaptation to life events and life transitions. I complement my therapeutic and consultative skills with expertise in neurocognitive, psychosocial, educational, and therapeutic assessments. In the field of health psychology, I specialize in the areas of rehabilitation psychology, feeding and eating disorders, pain management, coping with acute and chronic medical and genetic conditions (e.g., diabetes, lupus, fibromyalgia and more), infertility and perinatal mental health. I draw from my passion and certifications in various physical training modalities (Pilates, CrossFit L-1 and CrossFit kids, functional training) to provide comprehensive, whole-body approaches to therapy. 

Education & Training

  • B.A., Bar Ilan University, Psychology and Philosophy 

  • Ph.D., Palo Alto University, Clinical (Child and Family) Psychology

  • Predoctoral Psychology Internship, Children's Hospital Los Angeles/ University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine, Pediatric and Child & Family Psychology

  • Postdoctoral Psychology Fellowship, Children's Hospital Los Angeles/ University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine, Pediatric Psychology

  • Other work experience: Staff Psychologist, Children's Hospital Los Angeles/ University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine, Pediatric Psychology; and inpatient hospitals, outpatient settings, academic medical centers, schools, community-based settings

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Languages & Licensure

  • Languages: English, Hebrew and Greek

  • Psychology Licensure: North Carolina, New York State and California

  • Telehealth provider: Florida, Kentucky  


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Licensed Clinical Psychologist

I work with clients across the lifespan, and am passionate about supporting people who range in age from early childhood through adulthood. My background in child, adolescent and family psychology informs my work with adults as well, as I am always considering how a person's developmental path and early relationships have shaped them.


In therapy and assessment, I strive to bring empathy and humor to the process. You can expect me to be curious about and accepting of your experiences as I support you in actively working towards change. I am sensitive to issues related to diversity, disability, immigration, foster care, adoption, and non-traditional forms of family building, and welcome all to my practice.

Style & Approach

I help clients to understand the underlying reasons for their behavior, process past and present experiences and learn how to better manage distress. Depending on the client's age and needs, therapy may involve talking, learning and practicing new skills, playing, creating stories, and/or drawing. When doing assessment, I take a therapeutic approach and collaborate with clients in order to identify concerns, make recommendations for further support and deepen understanding of self and others. I explain test results in a positive and developmentally-appropriate manner. I believe that communication with a client's family, school and medical team can be key.

Areas of Expertise

With children and adolescents, I provide evidence-based therapy for issues related to  depression, anxiety, trauma, emotional regulation, attachment, identity development, immigration and acculturation, and relationships with others. I am trained in child development and school psychology and provide psychological assessment for problems related to learning, attention, development, neurocognition, personality and social-emotional processes.


With adults, I provide evidence-based therapy for those facing issues related to depression, anxiety, trauma, stress and family & relationship dynamics. I also see people who are facing perinatal depression and anxiety, fertility challenges (including grief and loss), difficulties within caregiver-child relationships, experiences as a foster or adoptive parent, experiences with the NICU or high-risk pregnancy and being the caregiver of a child with developmental difficulties. 

I provide evaluations and consultations for third party reproduction, as well as psychological evaluations for immigration cases.

Education & Training

  • B.A., Tufts University, Child Development & Community Health

  • Psy.D., Pace University, School-Clinical Child Psychology

  • Predoctoral Psychology Internship, Children's Hospital Los Angeles/ University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine, Early Childhood and Child & Family Psychology

  • Postdoctoral Psychology Fellowship, Westchester Institute for Human Development, Child Welfare and Pediatric Disabilities

  • Other work experience: inpatient hospitals, outpatient settings, academic medical centers, schools, private group practice, child welfare (foster care), community-based settings and the not-for-profit public health sector

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Languages & Licensure

  • Languages: English and Spanish

  • Psychology Licensure: North Carolina and New York State

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